Square Enix’s Cloud Streaming Service To Quietly End Next Month



Last year, Square Enix launched their Dive In streaming service in Japan, which is similar to Gaikai or OnLive, and brought games like Final Fantasy XIII to tablets and smartphones. Gamer reports that the service will end next month.


To give you a little more detail on the Dive In streaming service, all of their games were rentals with prices as low as 150 yen plus tax to access games like Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders, or Final Fantasy VII International for three days at 200 yen.


After a delay from its original launch date on October 9, 2014 in Japan, the Dive In service officially launched in December 3rd of last year, without any word on whether it would make it outside of Japan.


Siliconera previously tried the Dive In streaming service and there were issues with the awkward dcontrols on tablets, and the cloud streaming also made it feel a little big clumsy with a few seconds of input delay, so it was evident that it still needed a lot of work at the time.


Since then, Square Enix stated that they were working on improving the system on several occasions, but it was instead announced recently that the service will end on September 13, 2015.


Players that purchased plans for 365 days will be reimbursed for the amount of time they have remaining with Square Enix Crysta credits, which can be used as payment methods for various online game fees and other services offered by the company.

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