Square Enix’s Guns N’ Souls Looks Like Temple Run But Better

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Square Enix have released a trailer of the opening tutorial for upcoming music/action-RPG Guns’N’Souls, the spiritual sequel to Song Summoner (a game so old it was made for the iPod).


This is slated for smartphones, so gameplay of course has to be kept relatively simple—cue stages where you run in a straight line, sliding under fire traps and jumping over pits like Temple Run. You also rapidly tap the screen to shoot bullets at foes, but there’s much more to it than that if we’re looking at the above video right.


Whe you go into battle, you’ll have to equip a deck of cards, which look like they’ll have skills you can use and attributes that will possibly affect your overall power and health as well. While we’re not entirely sure if the first game’s style of adding cards based on music will still be in play in some form, it seems like in Guns’N’Souls you’ll obtain some of them while battling in a gacha, random fashion.


As we mentioned in our last report, the game’s main character Ziggy wakes up in a prison ship convicted of some crime. Boss fights like the one below will have you dodging enemy attacks and firing back as fast as you can to take them out.


Character designs are done by Roberto Ferrari, one of those who did work on the original Song Summoner as well as Final Fantasy XV, while Chaos Rings artist Yusuke Naora is here as well. The story is being written via Senran Kagura writer Yukinori Kitajima from Synthese, while the theme song is from all-girl band Larval Stage Planning. Still can’t get over that name. Oh and Shift are developing the game. Maybe we might see a God Eater crossover?


Guns’N’Souls is available for iOS devices already, while the Android version will be released later this spring.

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