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Star Ocean 5 Videos Introduce Kingdom Of Resulia And Kingdom Of Langdauq



Square Enix recently uploaded a pair of trailers showcasing two key areas of their upcoming PS4 RPG Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness with a look at the Kingdom of Resulia and Kingdom of Langdauq.


Kingdom of Resulia:

Resulia is a vibrant kingdom that represents everything great about the Vestielian continent. Recently, however, it has been wracked by threats, including cursed beasts and a fiendish group of bandits named Eitalon.


This upheaval plaguing Resulia is one reason Fidel and his companions embark on their journey; they wish to restore balance to this once productive and safe nation.


Kingdom of Langdauq:

Langdauq has prospered under the rule of its matriarchs, or Venerable Mothers, the current of which is Malvenaec.


Not only is she a fair leader, but she also knows how to sling a spell or two, and as a member of the ruling family, she has access to exclusive signets that are passed down from generation to generation via a sacred rite of passage. Thanks in part to this system, the nation has developed into a signeturgical power.



Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will release for PlayStation 4 in North America on June 28 and Europe on July 1, 2016. Check out our earlier report for a look at introduction trailers for Fiore Brunelli and Victor Oakville.

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