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Starlink: Battle For Atlas’ Nintendo Exclusive Content Includes Missions, Cameos


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Starlink: Battle for Atlas received gameplay footage with the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Arwing yesterday, and during today’s Nintendo Treehouse livestream, we learned more about the game. It was revealed that Fox will be playable throughout the entire game, there will be exclusive missions on the Nintendo Switch version and we will see some cameos.




The exclusive missions explain how Fox got to the Atlas system and why he joins up with the Starlink Initiative. Furthermore, the Starlink team also teased that other familiar Star Fox characters will show up during the missions.


It was also revealed that Fox and the Arwing can be used to play through the entire game. Exclusive to the Arwing is the ability to attack even without weapons attached to the wings; instead, the Arwing will fire its traditional green laser.


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Instead of having an All-Range mode, the Arwing in this game can actually strafe and engage enemies in Skimming Mode, like all other Starlink-original craft. The other mode is, of course, Flying mode.


The Star Fox cast that will appear in Starlink: Battle for Atlas was also confirmed today as being the same as Star Fox Zero.


Starlink: Battle for Atlas will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 16, 2018.

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