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Street Fighter Characters Turn Into Collectible Cats Fur This April Fools’ Puzzle Game

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Capcom’s Street Fighter official Twitter account has revealed a cute little game for April Fools’ Day: Neco Drop: Cat Friends Nation. The game has players popping bubbles in order to fulfill the requirements of each stage in order to get a chance to collect cats based on various characters from Street Fighter V.

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As long as there are at least two bubbles sticking together, you’re able to pop them. Stage objectives include needing to pop a certain amount of colored bubbles, dropping the mechs to the bottom of the stage, breaking the cans by popping bubbles next to the blocked area, and/or breaking boxes.

After you finish the puzzle, you have a chance of collecting the cat by spinning a roulette wheel, which determines the quality of your cat food. Sometimes the cat will run away if you don’t give it high enough quality food.

After collecting the cat, you can see information on it in the Encyclopedia. The more times you collect the same kind of cat, the more lines it will have and data will appear. You’re able to share your achievements and the cats you’ve collected via Twitter.

While the mobile version is silent, if you click the PC version you can listen to the surprisingly catchy beats. You can play Neco Drop: Cat Friends Nation here.


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available now for the PlayStation 4 and the PC via Steam. Neco Drop: Cat Friends Nation is available for PC via browsers and smartphones via browser. Check out our playtest of Street Fighter V‘s Seth here.

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