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Street Fighter V Is Barely At The Start Of Development Says Yoshinori Ono



We recently got a first look at some gameplay footage from Street Fighter V during this last weekend’s Capcom Cup tournament. Yoshinori Ono followed up with some extra information in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


While the game already looks rather nice from what  little we’ve seen so far, Ono says that the latest build still needs a lot of work, and that the graphics will keep getting better. He’d like fans to think of it as if development for the game has barely begun.


As far as visuals are concerned, Street Fighter V’s effect theme is fluid expressions, such as the fluid blue effects that flow from Chun Li while she’s fighting.


Ono also talked about how you’ll be able to break through the walls of a stage, where you’ll continue in the next round. This is a new addition to the series, but as far as gameplay goes, Ono says, but Street Fighter V will still share the same basic moves as previous games. For example, EX Specials will still be done by pressing two buttons.


However, Ono adds, new moves will be added to the game as well.


Finally, Ono says that he can’t say much about when the story of Street Fighter V takes place, but it may have something similar to Street Fighter IV going on, which rearranged the series’ story (as it took place between Street Fighter II and III).


As far as Charlie’s participation which was teased in the latest footage, Ono says there’s still a big secret about him that we’ll find out later.


Street Fighter V is in development for PC and PlayStation 4.

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