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Street Fighter V’s Survival And Challenge Modes Details And Story Mode Costumes Revealed



Street Fighter V is upon us, which means Capcom has been offering additional information about what people can expect from the game. Following Japan’s Street Fighter V Complete Information, more information has come out concerning the Challenge, Survival, and Story Modes.


The Challenge Mode will have four sub-modes contained within it, after it’s released in March 2016. These are Battle Tips, Trials, Targets, and Extra Battle. The first two are Battle Tips and Trials, which will be released in March 2016. Battle Tips has specific tips for all 16 characters and is a tutorial mode. Trials is a combo trial challenge, and character will have their own 10 Trials to overcome. The other two sub-modes, will be released later. Targets will have daily goals and rewards like money and titles for meeting them. Extra-battle will have custom bosses with their own rewards.


The Survival Mode is actually something of a balancing act for Street Fighter V players. It will have Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell Courses for each of the 16 characters. Health and EX Gauge are carried over from one fight to the next, with players trying to last as long as they can against enemies. Winning earns you points, which you can use on power ups. Using power ups will lower your score. However, clearing the course is most important, as it unlocks new character color schemes and titles.


Finally, Capcom showed off the Story Mode costumes that people will be able to unlock after completing a character’s storyline. Each one has an additional outfit. You have to purchase these from the store to use them, and which means people won’t be able to acquire these outfits until March.


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Street Fighter V will be available February 16, 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. In March, 2016, the Shop, improved online lobby support, character challenges.trials, and the Alex DLC will be released. (People will have to wait until March for eight person lobbies and the Spectator mode.) Two more DLC characters will follow in April and May. The free Cinematic Story Expansion will arrive in June. Then, three more DLC characters will arrive in July, August, and September.

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