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Sukeban Games On What Makes N1RV Ann-A’s Sam Different From Jill From VA-11 HALL-A


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Sukeban Games recently revealed a bit more information on VA-11 HALL-A’s standalone sequel N1RV Ann-A, focusing on the main character Sam, what sort of person she’s like, and more.


According to Sukeban Games, the idea immediately popped up to do a bartender who was also a mother. In N1RV Ann-A, you’ll be playing as Sam, a 32 year-old mother with pink hair in a rocky relationship. While some of these aspects were meant to differentiate her from Jill from VA11 HALL-A, Sukeban Games made it clear that they are not doing that game again.


However, the biggest difference is that she smiles a lot!

sam 2

Here’s Sam’s official dossier from Sukeban:


She’s Sam!
She’s cute!
She has pink hair!
She loves a good beer and tries too hard to be a good mom, to her own detriment.


You can read the full update post here. Sukeban Games are currently working on a public demo for N1RV Ann-A, which is set to come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2020.

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