PlayStation 4

Summer Lesson Puts Hikari-chan In A Maid Outfit For Its New DLC



Summer Lesson is about helping out a young girl named Hikari Miyamoto with her studies, but in a new DLC that released today, you’ll get to enjoy some time with her as a maid in an extra cafe scene.


The new DLC, titled “Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Extra Scene – Cafe Volume (Costume & Situation)” brings a new “Maid Outfit” costume that comes in three colors, which you can also have Hikari-chan swap into during regular lessons.


Additionally, the DLC brings in a new “Exclusive Situation” event that is shown in the above video, where Hikari explains that she made her outfit for school, and treats you to some sweets for the occasion. As we’ve seen in the previous DLC, this one also comes with six “Lucky Items” so you can experience the event right away.


Summer Lesson is available in Japan for PlayStation 4. The new maid DLC is also available for 1,180 yen here.

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