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Summer Lesson Shares A Look At Its Third Student, The “Spoiled Princess” Chisato Shinjo


Chisato Shinjo (4)

Bandai Namco recently revealed Summer Lesson’s third student, Chisato Shinjo, a spoiled princess who you’ll be teaching in Summer Lesson: Chisato Shinjo – Seven Days of Etude. Here’s a look at some new screenshots and additional details.


Chisato Shinjo (1)

Similar to the previous two students in Hikari Miyamoto and Alison Snow, players will communicate with Chisato Shinjo for a variety of lessons. This time it takes place in an old-fashioned mansion where the you’ll teach Chisato about modern society, including activities such as using computers, enjoying manga and video games.


Chisato Shinjo (5)

However, unlike Hikari and Alison, Chisato has a more aggressive personality while saying things like “because I’m paying you to do so,” and will get you involved in plenty of antics involving her spoiled nature. To make matters worse, they say that she finds enjoyment in seeing the tutor panic. Bandai Namco says that Chisato is a little different from the previous students, and players will go through surprising experiences and mysterious feelings while putting up with her selfish attitude.


The standard pack will be available for 2,980 yen but there will also be a “Deluxe Version” of Summer Lesson: Chisato Shinjo featuring the standard edition as well as DLC extras including the “Red Carpet Magic Hour” and “Coll Breeze Break Time” expansion packs, the “Extra Scene: Dusk of Youth Volume” and “Extra Scene: Song and Ballads Show” situation and costumes packs.


As a first-print bonus on the Japanese PS Store, players will get the “Dusk-Colored Blouse” and the “Black Embroidery Blouse” as a bonus. The Deluxe Version comes with a Chisato Shinjo theme for your PS4.


Summer Lesson: Chisato Shinjo – Seven Days of Etude releases in Japan on October 12, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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