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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Is About Card Games With Real-World Threats



Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is a different kind of Dragon Ball game where you play card games as a boy named Beat who’ll eventually have an impact in changing the Earth’s fate. The official website has updated with new details on its story, Original Mission mode, and tutorials.



The story of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission takes place in a world that was once saved by the Super Warriors who are now heralded as heroes. In this world, Capsule Corporation developed a new kind of card game called Super Dragon Ball Heroes that features those very same Super Warriors.


A boy named Beat (protagonist) visits Hero Town, a city where Super Dragon Ball Heroes is super popular, where he is drawn to the card game after watching a tournament on the city monitor.



Beat is introduced to Super Dragon Ball Heroes during his first visit to Hero Town. He decided to check out a tournament where his talents are noticed by Great Saiyaman #3. As a member of Dragon Ball Heroes, he’ll play a role in the major change to Earth’s fate.



The charismatic and mysterious hero of Hero Town from Super Dragon Ball Heroes. He notices incidents happening on Earth and is looking for a partner to help him face the threats.





Beat starts out learning the basics from a tutorial provided by Great Saiyaman #3, and from there they notice even super warriors who were supposed to only exist in the card game appear in the real world. Additionally, there seems to be some incidents going on in the history of Dragon Ball.


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In the game’s Original Mission mode you’ll get to create, share, and play original missions with cards you’ve gathered. There are all kinds of mission configurations including characters, number of characters, difference in power, and more.




You can put together the ultimate deck with the cards you’ve obtained. There are detailed options such as character power, turn movements, mission clear conditions, and more.




After creating a mission you can share it with everyone. Those who play it can get rewards, and you can aim to top the rankings by creating a popular mission.




That means you’ll also get to try out all kinds of missions made by your rivals. You can go with popular missions or just select one at random.



The tutorials of the game are built into the story and the charistmatic Great Saiyaman #3 will be there to teach Beat.


It covers everything such as the basics of battle system, and will teach you as you play.


After mastering the basics, it gets into more in-depth explanations for card types, abilities, and Touch Action abilities.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission releases for the Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2019. You can check out a teaser trailer for the 7v7 game in our previous report and more gameplay details here.

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