Super Dungeon Tactics Uses Dice In Its Battle System, But It’s Not All Random





    Super Dungeon Tactics began as an adaptation of the Super Dungeon Explore tabletop game from Soda Pop Miniatures. Although the gameplay has integrated mechanics that are typical of a turn-based tactics title, the developers at Underbite Games are not ignoring its tabletop roots. The latest developer blog shares how the dice battle system works, and how players can tactically shift the odds in their favor.




    Each battle phase in Super Dungeon Tactics begins with a roll of the dice. The player and the enemy take turns picking dice from the pool. Both sides assign one die to each of their party members. Dice can roll move bonuses, heal boosts, attack boosts, defense boosts, or unlock one of each hero’s three special abilities.


    The dice are crafted, in a sense, and do not have the same number of sides or feature the same buffs. Dice are created by both the player and high ranked enemies on the field. The player’s dice change depending on the equipment used by each hero character. By choosing to use different kinds of armor, players can increase the likelihood their dice will roll an attack boost, heal boost, etc. Players can also add additional faces to their die using Trinket items.  Examples of the different dice combinations are featured in the developer blog post.




    Super Dungeon Tactics becomes available on PC via Steam this fall.


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