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Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam X Strikes The Nintendo Switch eShop Tomorrow


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Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam X, a Super Famicom game that features various SD Gundam characters in grid-based simulation gameplay, is getting an individual release on the Nintendo eShop tomorrow, December 6, 2018.


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In the game, you’ll need to choose between joining the Federation, Titans, Axis, Neo Zeon, or the Crossbone Vanguard. Taking control of various mobile suits and battleships, you’ll have to take down enemies denoted in red on the map to win.


The game supports 1-2 players, and will be sold for 850 yen on the Japanese eShop. Originally, the game was released as a first-print bonus for SD Gundam G Generation Genesis.


Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam X will be released on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on December 6, 2018.

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