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Super Mario Maker 2’s Super Mario 3D World Theme Is Separate From The Others


3d world

During the Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo revealed that Super Mario 3D World’s theme in Super Mario Maker 2 will be treated separately from the themes featured in the first game, and for good reason – it’s got a lot of gimmicks that are only found in this theme.


For example, 3D World theme will allow Mario to turn into Cat Mario with a Super Bell, doing actions like climbing, pouncing, sliding, and more. Other gimmicks include:

  • Clear Pipes, crates that can float on water and lava,
  • Warp Boxes that force players into a specified location,
  • Spike Blocks that can also be comboed with the On/Off Switch,
  • ! Block which can be groundpounded to pop up quicker,
  • Blinking blocks that change on the beat,
  • Track blocks that follow any lines drawn
  • Mushroom trampolines,
  • Piranha creepers that extend and have a harmful stem,


As well as unique enemies like the Skipsqueak, Charvaargh, Pom Poms, Banzai Bills that can fly towards the screen, and more including Meowser.


Super Mario Maker 2 is coming June 28, 2019 onto Nintendo Switch.

Alistair Wong
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