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During the Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo revealed that Super Mario 3D World’s theme in Super Mario Maker 2 will be treated separately from the themes featured in the first game, and for good reason – it’s got a lot of gimmicks that are only found in this theme.


For example, 3D World theme will allow Mario to turn into Cat Mario with a Super Bell, doing actions like climbing, pouncing, sliding, and more. Other gimmicks include:

  • Clear Pipes, crates that can float on water and lava,
  • Warp Boxes that force players into a specified location,
  • Spike Blocks that can also be comboed with the On/Off Switch,
  • ! Block which can be groundpounded to pop up quicker,
  • Blinking blocks that change on the beat,
  • Track blocks that follow any lines drawn
  • Mushroom trampolines,
  • Piranha creepers that extend and have a harmful stem,


As well as unique enemies like the Skipsqueak, Charvaargh, Pom Poms, Banzai Bills that can fly towards the screen, and more including Meowser.


Super Mario Maker 2 is coming June 28, 2019 onto Nintendo Switch.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!

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