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Super Robot Wars T Shows Off Supporter Commands With New Screenshots


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We previously reported on Super Robot Wars T’s Supporter Command system, where non-playable characters are able to help out with a variety of effects, and now Bandai Namco has released more screenshots that illustrate how they work. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Supporter Commands

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srwt systems 3

As previously mentioned, Supporter Commands have a wide range of effects that reflect what the NPC using it, and this extends to the cost, length, and range of effects. For example, Ed’s ‘Hacking’ makes all allies gain +20 Accuracy for one turn, while Rain’s ‘Deeper than the Ocean’ command makes one chosen ally regain 40 SP.


Supporter Commands require S-SP (Supporter SP), which is shared between the whole army. It starts at 50% of the maximum amount, and your army regains 5 S-SP per Player Phase. You can only use each command once per turn.


srwt systems 4

srwt systems 5 srwt systems 6


TAC Management

srwt systems 7

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In TAC Management, you can use TacP earned from defeating enemy units to unlock Grade effects, which now include the ability to increase the number of slots for Sub-Orders. For example, Double Advance shown above increases Simulator and Patrol Sub-Order slots. You can only choose one out of three choices for each Grade.


Here are the Grade effects for the first two tiers:

Grade: 1

  • TacP Advance: One slot added to Training Sub-Order.
  • Double Advance: One slot added to Simulator and Patrol Sub-Orders respectively.
  • Cost Advance: Funds Raising Sub-Order gets one extra slot.


Grade: 2

  • SP Boost: The amount of SP regained by pilots each turn increases from 5 to 8.
  • Repair Boost: Each turn, ally units regain 10% of HP and EN. This stacks with abilities of the same effect.
  • Force Boost: At the start of each turn, every ally pilot gains +2 Will.



srwt systems 9

srwt systems 10 srwt systems 11

A new Special Order Sub-Order has been added, and only one pilot can undergo the Special Order. Special Orders are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.


Here are some of the Special Orders:

  • Focused Training: Pilot earns 2,500 EXP.
  • Ace Raising: Pilot earns 10 to their score.
  • Melee Training: Pilot Melee stat increases by 10.
  • Ranged Training: Pilot Ranged stat increases by 10.


Skill Learning

srwt systems 12

srwt systems 13 srwt systems 14

Every skill is now available to create with TacP from the beginning. By creating and expending Skill Programs, pilots can learn new skills.


Super Robot Wars T releases in Japan on March 20, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Its Asia version with English subs will release on March 20 as well.

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