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Super Robot Wars T’s Original Characters Are Both Regular Workers


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During the Super Robot Wars livestream earlier today where the second trailer was revealed, we got an extended introduction to the main ‘Original Generation’ characters for Super Robot Wars T.


Tokitou Saizou (CV: Takeshi Kusao)

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The male Original Generation main character for SRW T. He’s designed by NishiEda and voiced by Takeshi Kusao. He’s a regular worker (salaryman) employed at the VTX Union’s Special Operations Third Division, and his design reflects this fact.


According to Kusao, Tokitou is a bit more tired-sounding compared to the usual hot-blooded young protagonist, as he’s a bit older than the usual SRW protagonist as well. At the same time, he’s got the laid-back attitude of an adult.


Sakurai Sagiri (CV: Umeka Shouji)

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The head of the Special Operations Third Division, and Tokitou’s direct superior. She likes go at her own pace, and is a formidable pilot. Sakurai was designed by NishiEda as well, and is voiced by Umeka Shouji.


Ramie Amasaki (CV: Ai Kakuma)

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The co-pilot of the Tiranado, and a new employee at VTX Union. She’s the heroine of the story.



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Tiranado is a prototype unit created by megacorporation VTX Union. SRW series general producer Terada explained that when designing the unit, care was put into making it look like it was wearing a tie, signifying how the two protagonists are regular workers. Tiranado is followed by a large support craft lead by Meryl (who shows up for a brief moment in the trailer), which provides the Tiranado with its armaments.


Finally, Terada explained that while the main character you choose will pilot the Tiranado, the other unpicked character will also appear in the story, but pilots the Gespenst instead.


Super Robot Wars T releases in Japan on March 20, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Its Asia version with English subs will release on March 20 as well. You can check out the trailer in our previous report here.

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