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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Takes A Gander At Alolan Exeggutor, Summit, And Pikmin’s Main Theme


    exeggutor 2


    While there were fewer updates this week, coinciding with the delay of the September 2018 Nintendo Direct, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Super Smash Blog showed off Bowser, Toon Link, Alolan Exeggutor, the Summit stage, and an very different arrangement of Pikmin’s main theme.


    #14 Bowser


    Who’s the greatest nemesis of all!? It’s King Bowser! In Super Smash Bros. his power and weight make him a reliable fighter. Use his Fire Breath to keep opponents at bay, then use his damaging attacks to launch them off the stage! He transforms into Giga Bowser for his Final Smash and delivers a super powerful punch!


    #43 Toon Link


    He’s smaller and faster than Link. His bombs explode with a unique anime-style. For his Final Smash, he emits light from his left hand and any opponents hit by it are trapped in the Triforce, subject to a punishing gauntlet of attacks.


    Alolan Exeggutor – New Assist Pokémon

    exeggutor 1

    exeggutor 2


    Check out this taaaall Pokémon. It may seem like it just gets in the way, but it can actually make it harder or easier for you to get a KO depending on where it’s placed on the stage.


    Summit – Returning Stage

    summit 1

    summit 2

    summit 3


    This stage is so exciting! When the summit of the mountain clears up you can slide down the incline straight into the ocean. There are tons of details to take in: the aurora floats over the mountaintop, a polar bear  with sunglasses and swimming trunks swims in the ocean, and there’s even a mysterious fish that tries to eat the fighters…


    Pikmin Main Theme – New Arrangement


    You can now listen to “Pikmin – Main Theme.” Doesn’t it bring back memories of that title screen with all the Pikmin swaying? Please enjoy Hideki Sakamoto’s arrangement.


    Arrangement supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto (known for work on Echochrome series, Time Travelers, Toukiden, and Monster Strike)


    Here’s a link to the other remixes and arrangements, and other character features so far:

    Vega Stage, Bomb Rush Blush, Brinstar Depths – here

    Noisy Notebook – here

    City Trial – here

    Mega Man 4 Medley – here

    Snake Eaterhere

    F-Zero Medley – here

    Galaga Medley – here

    Bloody Tears / Monster Dance – here

    Gangplank Galleon – here

    Gear Up For… – here

    Yoshi’s New Island Main Theme – here

    Fortress Boss – here


    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will come to the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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