Swords Of Legends 3 Gets A New Trailer And A Demo In China On August 20

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Shanghai Aurogon recently announced that the third game in their RPG series Swords of Legends will be getting a demo in China on August 20, and also put out a new trailer for the upcoming game. [Thanks, Bahamut!]


If you haven’t heard of this series, Swords of Legends is a wuxia RPG series that first came out in 2010, and is known for its excellent story and the fact that it’s the first Chinese RPG to have full voice acting. The game series has been adapted into a TV drama twice, and the second game has also gotten a movie.


While the first game was a traditional turn-based RPG, the second game turned it into an action RPG with some QTE elements, and the third game is set to follow the style set by the second game. Swords of Legends 3 is currently set for a 2018 release in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


Here’s the trailer below:


Swords of Legends 3 is coming out for PC in 2018 in Chinese regions. A demo is set to be released on August 20, 2018.

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