SXPD: The Rookie Is Part Comic Book, Part Motorcycle Shooter



SXPD: The Rookie is an ultra fast-paced game that is part comic book, part vehicular combat game.


Made from a team-up of Mighten Ink, Little Chicken Game Company, and OneBigGame, SXPD is a mobile game that is entirely in a realm of its own. It focuses on telling a unique sci-fi story, by way of a comic book, and seamlessly weaving gameplay into the story.


Mephistopheles van Gold is the richest man in America, and is also the owner of the country’s hidden 52nd state called New Royale. The unorthodox state has its own set of laws, called Mephistopheles’ Law, that serves to protect the people living there.


The mobile game puts you in the body of one of the enforcers of the law, a new recruit simply called Rookie 021. She works as a part of SXPD, the all-woman law enforcement agency that keeps New Royale safe. It is her job to hunt down terrorists belonging to the organization called The Secret Order of the Black Seraphim.


Without ruining the story, which is an integral part of the game, I will just say that it is both action-packed and intense. SXPD will give players a few pages of comic book to read, and then move the players into actual gameplay. The transition works fairly well, as the comic book art and gameplay graphics are done in the same exact style.



SXPD’s has first-person gameplay that puts players behind the wheels of a super-fast motorcycle. Players must then chase down baddies while avoiding obstacles and picking up power-ups. The levels are fairly open, and enemies will often try to sneak up behind players to deal the most damage. Fortunately, the motorcycles come equipped with nitrogen, machine guns, and missiles, making killing bad guys a little easier.


SXPD features both a story mode and an arcade mode. The story mode follows the story of Rookie 021 and her quest to stop terrorism, while the arcade mode has players trying to kill a certain number of bad guys in a limited amount of time.


SXPD: The Rookie is currently available on iOS and has plans to be on Android later this year.