Tactics-Style RPG Arcadian Atlas Will Debut Its Trailer At PAX South


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Arcadian Atlas, a 2D isometric tactical RPG, will see its trailer debut at PAX South between January 29th and the 31st 2016. You can see stills from the trailer around this page.


As you might expect from a game like this, it’s inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre but aims to make that type of experience for the gaming landscape of today.

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What this means, according to the creators at Twin Otter, is that Arcadian Atlas has “more challenging battle strategies, new & balanced job classes, and darker subject matter for a more mature audience.” It also has crafting, because of course it does – what game doesn’t have that these days?


Here’s a story summary:


“In the world of Arcadian Atlas, nothing is more brutal than love. And when a kingdom is at stake, love will rip itself to shreds. Now two people are finding themselves engulfed in a civil war they never wanted, and when sides must be chosen, will they find themselves still standing together – or will love leave anything standing at all?”

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You can find out more about Arcadian Atlas on its website. It’s expected to launch for Windows, Mac, and iOS in 2017.

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