Taiwanese Action Game Dusk Diver Fights Its Way Onto Consoles In Fall 2019

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Dusk Diver, the Taiwanese action game where a young girl awakens the ability to fight off demons that appear in the district of Ximending at a certain time of day, is set to come to consoles this Fall, announced JFI Games and Justdan International.


The game will be released for both the Nintendo Switch as well as an additional PlayStation 4 version, with some additional content not currently in the Steam Early Access version. The extra PS4 release was decided thanks to fan demand.


The game will also have a collab song titled “Sensen Shoujo” sung by Kate Mizukiri, and composed by Azur Lane composer Shade. It will also have JP and CH voiceovers, as well as English, Japanese, Trad. Chinese, and Korean subtitles available.


That said, the Steam version isn’t getting left out – it’s also getting some extra content as well. Here’s JFI Games’ statement from Steam below:


Sorry for keep you waiting.
In order to deliver better playing experience,the game will be continuously optimized base on the players’ feedback and suggestions.
The update will be phased, starting with 60FPS and correcting the current known bugs.
Then we will add more game content by the feedback from the community.
All new content will be completed during the early access period.


Dusk Diver is currently available on Steam Early Access, and is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Fall 2019.

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