Tales of Asteria Memorial Book Cover Features All Protagonists

tales of asteria memorial book

Bandai Namco shared an illustration of all of the main characters from Tales of Asteria. This will be the cover of the memorial book that will come out after the game ends. As a reminder, you can pre-order the Tales of Asteria memorial book from Asobi Store. It will cost 9,800 JPY, which is around $74.40.

Tales of Asteria characters on the cover include Cless, Mikleo (two versions of him), Raven, Lloyd, and Velvet. While some of these characters are not the protagonists in their respective games, they were the focus ones in various Tales of Asteria parts. The story of Tales of Asteria was split over the perspective of multiple characters. Unlike other Tales mobage that featured a crossover element, it did not really make use of original characters.

After nine years of service, Tales of Asteria will close down on May 18, 2023. Bandai Namco did not give an explicit reason as to why. Aside from this memorial book, Bandai Namco will put the game’s OST onto streaming services, as well as allow players to transfer their data into Tales of the Rays. Characters will not be playable, but you will be able to see Asteria illustrations on your home screen.

Tales of Asteria is available on mobile devices in Japan until May 18, 2023. The memorial book is available for pre-order on Asobi Store and there will be 540 pages in total. Pre-orders will close on June 25, 2023, and it will ship out after Summer 2023.

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