Tales of Asteria Will End Service After Around 9 Years

tales of asteria end

After around nine years, Tales of Asteria will end service on May 18, 2023. However, Bandai Namco will release items such as a memorial book for players to keep their memories of the game alive. In addition, Tales of Asteria players who also play Tales of the Rays, or those who will move onto that game, will also be able to transfer some data over. [Thanks, Inside!]

Bandai Namco has not stated the reason behind why Tales of Asteria will end. In the tweet announcing it, it thanked the fans for their long years of support and playing since 2014. Because the game went on for so long, the staff came up with several ways to immortalize it. It will release a memorial book, stream music from the game, and allow you to put illustrations from Astaria as your home window in The Rays. You will have until June 19, 2023 to transfer your data to The Rays.

As for the memorial book, it will cost 8,000 JPY ($60.20). The Asobi Store version will cost 9,800 ($73.80) JPY. It contains full illustrations of characters 4-star and above, with some exceptions. The Asobi Store version will come with a 160-page book of the costume designs. The memorial book, which is B5-size, will have 540 pages. Pre-orders are open until June 25, 2023 and the book will ship out after Summer 2023.

Tales of Asteria is a turn-based mobile game focusing on characters from the Tales series. Unlike ones such as Tales of the Rays, it mostly centers on established characters. Like the Radiant Mythology games, they have different backgrounds from their canon ones. This is so that them all sharing the same universe feels natural. Each chapter focuses on separate key characters, and you can choose whose POV you wish to experience the story from. The current story will conclude at the end of April 2023 and the Finale Scenario will start from May.

Tales of Asteria will end on May 18, 2023. Until then, it is available on mobile devices in Japan.

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