Tales of Crestoria Late-Summer Sunflower Guide

Tales of Crestoria Late-Summer Sunflower

Another Tales of Crestoria event is upon us, and we’ve written a guide on how to best utilize your time with the Late-Summer Sunflower event. As with the Summer Treasure Hunt event guide, I’ll be breaking down the best strategies to most effectively farm the new event currency. This will also include how to best juggle Raid participation during the event.

Just like the Summer Treasure Hunt event, you will need to complete the first stage of the event in order to unlock the quests needed to farm Paper Dolls and Radiant Arrows efficiently. After completing Stage 1 – Late-Summer Sunflower, Stage 2 – Gather Paper Dolls quests will become available. These quests are the best and easiest way to gather both Paper Dolls and Radiant Arrows. Paper Dolls are the new currency this time around, and can be exchanged for items in the Event Shop. Radiant Arrows are the new Raid currency, and players will want to have more than a handful of these at all times to set up the Very Hard Raid.

Ideally, players will want to have one Hard Raid set up at all time–dying during the Raid isn’t an issue, as Raid leeching is a completely viable strategy. As long as you Temporarily Withdraw and the Raid is completed, you will receive the rewards. This goes for Hosts and non-Hosts. However, Hosts will always get more rewards at the end of the Raid, which is why it is important to always have one Raid going on in the background while you participate in other player’s Raids.

During this time, players will want to use Wind Type units during Raids since the Storm Serpent Raid Boss is Water Type aligned. For those that have a beefy line up of Wind Type units, you’ll be breezing through this event with ease. SSRs are not required for optimal Raid completion, and a team of leveled up SR units will get you through this event as well.

This will get you Paper Dolls fast, and when you get enough Paper Dolls you can redeem both Memoria Stones in the Event Shop. Grabbing the Natalia and Guy [Late-Summer Sunflower] Memoria Stones will give you an event bonus, so even if their Memoria Stone skills aren’t entirely useful, they’re great to slap on during the event. After that, you will want to grab the gleamstones from the Event Shop (since they unfortunately come in short supply) and high level Ascension materials. Godwood, Rainbow Lens, Hair of the Sacred Beast, Puricite, and Clear Cores are all extremely valuable for leveling up Light Type Units.

Additionally, using Zelos Wilder and Sophie from the recent Premium Summons banner will also grant teams attack bonuses. Individually, Zelos and Sophie will give your team +50% attack, Yuri is also included in this but will only grant teams a +30% attack bonus. Their Memoria Stones will also grant attack bonuses too, so make sure that you have them equipped as well. These bonuses will only be available during the event period.

Hopefully this Late-Summer Sunflower event guide has given you some guidance on how to best approach the event in Tales of Crestoria, as these should cover all of the basics. Ultimately, you will need to grind a lot to make the most out of the event, but these tips should make it a bit more manageable.

The Tales of Crestoria Late-Summer Sunflower event will end on September 2, 2020. Tales of Crestoria is immediately available on Android and iOS.

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