Tales of Luminaria Celia Trailer Shows Archery in Action

Tales of Luminaria Celia trailer

The Tales of YouTube channel uploaded another gameplay trailer for the upcoming mobile title, Tales of Luminaria. This time it features Celia Arvier, who is a bow-wielding knight. Aside from showing how her archery will translate into her playstyle, it also reveals more about her shared past with Leo and Hugo.

While the Leo Fourcade video yesterday showed Hugo and Celia, the two men are absent in the Celia trailer. Instead, we get to see the strict Lisette and the sweet Michelle. When Celia first meets Michelle, she accidentally makes a reference to Michelle’s lower academic standing, but the two of them hit it off quite well in the combat banter.

You can watch the Tales of Luminara Celia game-play trailer in English. There is also a Japanese version.

In Tales of Luminaria‘S combat, you will not need to manually aim at enemies when you are sniping with a bow as Celia. You simply have to hold down the Aim button and release it when you want to shoot. The game will handle the aiming, which means that there is little chance of you missing your mark. Similar to a third-person shooter game, Celia can also target enemies while hiding herself behind objects on the field.

Tales of Luminaria will come out on mobile devices and is open for pre-registration.

Stephanie Liu
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