Tales of Luminaria Gameplay Trailer is Full of Banter

Tales of Luminaria trailer

The official Tales of Luminaria YouTube channel uploaded a gameplay trailer that shows how battles work in the latest mobile entry of the Tales franchise. It is almost ten minutes long and features a cutscene, as well as the game’s opening. Throughout battle and exploration, Leo banters with Hugo and Celia, giving players a better look at just what their dynamic is like.

It begins with Leo, with monsters surrounding him. Despite his situation, he remains calm and optimistic, reminiscing about his grandmother and how fighting nobly until the end is the Fourcade way. Similar to the open-world combat of Tales of Zestiria, there is no separate battle screen. The transition between combat and exploration is seamless, and accessing food to restore health is with a tap.

Throughout the entire time, the three party members converse, showing the friendship between Leo, Celia, and Hugo. While Leo and Hugo’s exact relationship was a little unclear before, this video shows that they are old friends. Even with almost ten minutes on the video, the level does not finish, which seems to imply the hefty length of each chapter. Of course, since part of the video time also includes the first cut scene and the game’s opening, the actual play time is about eight minutes.

Tales of Luminaria is open for pre-registration on mobile devices, and there is also an upcoming Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad anime coming out in the near future. The Tales of Luminaria gameplay trailer is available on the various Tales of YouTube channels.

Stephanie Liu
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