Tales of Luminaria’s Hugo Shares a Voice Actor With Dragon Ball’s Trunks

Tales of Luminaria's Hugo Shares a Voice Actor With Dragon Ball's Trunks

The latest Tales of Luminaria character trailer is here, and it revealed that Hugo Simon is voiced by Eric Vale, who also is Trunks in Dragon Ball shows and games. He’s the latest Gildllan Empire representative.

That means Hugo has ties to other Gildllan Empire characters. At the end of the Amelie video, he referred to her as his captain. And at the end of his Tales of Luminaria trailer, Aaron refers to Hugo as being his “pal.”

As mentioned earlier, Trunks voice actor Eric Vale plays Hugo. Vale is also well known as the voice of Sanji in One Piece and Tomura in My Hero Academia shows and games. He plays Yuki in Fruits Basket and its reboot too.

For those keeping track, every Tales of Luminaria character gets their own trailer. It shows off the English voice acting, some introductory animations, and gameplay footage. Here are the past videos Bandai Namco shared.

Tales of Luminaria is being developed for Android and Apple iOS devices and pre-registration is open.

Jenni Lada
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