Alexandra is the White Wolf of the Empire in Tales of Luminaria

Tales of Luminaria Alexandra

Alexandra von Sonne, also known as the White Wolf, will be one of the playable Alpha characters in Tales of Luminaria. The latest character trailer focuses on the honorable knight working under the Gildllan Empire and her relationship with her fellow Alphas. Her attacks center around fast-paced swordsmanship and mobility.

While a member of the Gildllan Empire, her character description noted that Alexandra’s personal beliefs clash with her fellow teammates August and Laplace. Together they form the Alphas, a team of high-ranking warriors fighting under the Empire. Like the previously introduced Laplace, who was nicknamed the Red Wolf, Alexandra von Sonne is known as the White Wolf of the Alphas. She’s also known as “The Ivory Immortal,” due to her unbelievable speed and power.

On a different note, Alexandra seems to be not entirely on board with the ongoing war. While graduating at the top of her class in the imperial military academy, she follows her own sense of justice. Interestingly, she also possesses a huge appetite.

Caitlin Glass provides the English voice for Alexandra von Sonne. Glass voiced Rose in Tales of Zestiria and Pinky in the My Hero Academia series. Saori Onishi, who voices Mejiro McQueen in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby as well as Kuro from Isekai Shokudo, voices the character in Japanese.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tales of Luminaria, you can check out the past character trailers below:

Tales of Luminaria is currently in development for iOS and Android devices.

Andrew Kiya
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