New Tales of Luminaria Trailers Look at Ana-Maria and the Adventurers

tales of luminaria trailers trailer ana-maria

Bandai Namco shared new Tales of Luminaria trailers and, in so doing, completely introduced members of the game’s second faction. In the new mobile RPG, characters could be connected to groups like the Jerle Federation. On October 6, 2021, one video introduced Princess Ana-Maria Marschner, the last Adventurer. Then, immediately after, an overview of all the Adventurer characters appeared.

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First, this is Ana-Maria. She’s closely connected to Charles, who acts as her protector. However, she does wield a katana. In her Tales of Luminaria trailer, she uses plenty of physical attacks to cut down foes and defend herself.

Ana-Maria is voiced by Megan Shipman. She plays Grey in Black Clover, La Brava in My Hero Academia, and Yuzuru in Date a Live.

As for the Adventurers as a whole, here’s their trailer. It doesn’t show them interacting, so it doesn’t offer an idea of their group dynamic.

Here are all the Tales of Luminaria trailers so far. Celia, Leo, Lisette, Lucien, Maxime, Michelle, Vanessa, and Yelsy are all part of the Jerle Federation. Charles, Edouard, Lydie, and Raoul are Adventurers.

Tales of Luminaria is in development for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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