Tales of Luminaria Update Involves Characters, Episodes Adjustments

Tales of Luminaria Update Involves Characters, Episode Adjustments

Bandai Namco offered details about what people can expect from the next Tales of Luminaria update, and players can expect two new characters to arrive and some episode adjustments. Edouard Rouquier and Maxime Hasselmans will both show up on November 10, 2021. Also, Leo’s first episode and some other episode unlock conditions will change.

Maxime is a member of the Jerle Federation. He’s an archer. He’s also from a noble family. His first episode is Dreams Beyond my Reach. The teaser suggests he’ll encounter a young woman whose life ended up changed as a result of the war with the empire.

Meanwhile, Edouard will be the first of the Adventurer characters with an episode added to Tales of Luminaria. His first episode is Departure. It also features Lydie prominently, as he’s her bodyguard.

As for the Tales of Luminaria 1.0.6 update, it will involve control adjustments and existing episode changes. The attack button will be changed, with options in the menu to alter its size and position. People will automatically get items that drop, instead of have to run for them. The first of Leo’s episodes in Tales of Luminaria will be adjusted, both to give people his Blaze Formal Dress (Leo) and five-star Mystic Arte and make it so you unlock Alexandra, August, and Celia’s story after finishing the second chapter of Leo’s first episode.

Tales of Luminaria is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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