Teppen Amaterasu Hero and Okami and Sengoku Basara Additions Shared

teppen amaterasu teppen okami teppen sengoku basara

The September 18, 2020 Teppen Headline broadcast aired, and it offered details about the newest hero and series to join the game. This time, it’s a heroine from a notable action-RPG series. A Teppen Amaterasu Hero will join the cast in The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni in October 2020. But, it won’t just mean Okami-related cards in the game. This is also a means of bringing in Teppen Sengoku Basara cards.

When the update arrives, Amaterasu will bring the cards and the new Kami and Spirit Tribes to the game. The official site went over her and some of the new action and unit cards that will appear.

Here are Amaterasu’s three Hero Arts and their official descriptions:

  • Great Divine Intervention: All friendly units gain +2 HP. Deal 3 damage to all enemy units. Any unit destroyed by this damage is removed from the game. This will not trigger Death Abilities.
  • Thunder Edge: Gives +1 Attack and <Agility> to a friendly unit.
  • Celestial Envoy’s Miracle: Your Hero gains "All friendly red units gain +1 Attack."

And here’s a list of the new cards that have already been revealed:

  • Clay Flyer: Spirit Common Unit
  • Clay Samurai: Spirit Common Unit
  • Dark Exchange: Legendary Action
  • Demon King Oda Nobunaga: Human Legendary Unit
  • Diplomacy of Love: Legendary Action
  • Divine Spear Yukimura: Human Legendary Unit
  • Furinkazan: Epic Action
  • Green Imp: Spirit Common Unit
  • Itsuki: Human Rare Unit
  • Katakura Kojuro: Human Rare Unit
  • Oshu Lord Date Masamune: Human Legendary Unit
  • Serpent Demon Orochi: Kami Legendary Unit
  • Seven Soaring Spirits: Legendary Action
  • Sun Goddess: Legendary Action
  • Sun Goddess Amaterasu: Kami Legendary Unit
  • Takeda Shingen: Human Epic Unit
  • Wood Sprite Sakuya: Kami Legendary Unit
  • Yellow Imp: Spirit Common Unit

A cinematic trailer offered a peek at the Teppen versions of different Okami and Sengoku Basara heroes and villains. 

Here’s the full Teppen Headline episode. (The Okami and Sengoku Basara announcement comes up almost immediately.)

Teppen is available on both Android and Apple iOS devices. Some other 2020 Heroes include Zero, from the Mega Man series, and a Monster Hunter Felyne. The Teppen Amaterasu Hero and The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni pack will arrive in October 2020.

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