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That Nintendo Switch Game Using A Ring-Shaped Peripheral Is Ring Fit Adventure


Box_Art Last week, Nintendo released a mysterious teaser trailer for a new game. In it, different people were using an odd, ring-shaped peripheral to play some sort of game, but the game was never shown. Now, the game has turned out to be Ring Fit Adventure, which works with Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories to help players exercise by fighting a dragon.


In the world of Ring Fit Adventure, a body-building dragon named Dragaux is causing trouble. People will need to use 40 Fit Skills (exercises) to fight back against him and his minions and travel through 20 worlds. As you interact with the game, you’ll both be playing minigames and taking part in a workout. The game’s intensity can be adjusted, and there will also be a Quick Play mode for briefer sessions where you go for high scores. An optional Silent mode will remove jogging minigames and workouts.


Here’s the new Ring Fit Adventure trailer.


Squat Tree_Posering fit adventure 1


Ring Fit Adventure will be released for the Nintendo Switch on October 18, 2019. It will come with the game, the Ring-Con, and the Leg Strap for $79.99. You do need two Joy-Cons to insert in the Ring-Con.

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