The Dragalia Lost Skip Feature Still Keeps Players Caught Up


dragalia lost skip Dragalia Lost, the latest mobile game from Nintendo, allows people to skip story segments as they play. However, it handles this opportunity in an interesting way. Rather than immediately glossing over the story each time, it offers a brief summary of the events you would have seen, had you sat through the segment.


The Dragalia Lost skip function comes up immediately in the game’s prologue, allowing people to fast forward through story segments so you can quickly head back to gameplay. However, whenever this action is taken, the game then offers a summary of what happened. So say someone skips after seeing a magic-wielding Eyefly attack the prince and his twin sister, Zethia, appears. The game will then offer a summary pop-up box that says, “The princess Zethia and the faerie Notte join forces with the prince. With hope renewed, the three push deeper into the forest.”


These summaries also have a cancel feature, which is rather nice. When you click skip, it does not automatically show the summary, then move on. Dragalia Lost gives you an option to cancel and see the segment. If you discover something promising is going to happen via the summary, like say the Masked Girl’s mask being broken, you can go back and see what happened to catch some extra details.


This is an interesting way to help people save time and get back to running through stages and fighting enemies, while still keeping them caught up on what is happening during Dragalia Lost. While the short story vignettes are never too long and tend to be able to be viewed in less than five minutes, this does provide an even faster alternative. It reminds me a bit of the Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age loading screen that appears after you head back into one of your save files, offering a reminder of what is going on.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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