PlayStation 4

The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix Special Gets A New Trailer, English Text Support, And More



We recently learned that the parody shooter The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix is getting a special treatment with an updated version for PS4 this November in Japan. Here’s its first trailer showing what’s new.


As summarized in the video, The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix Special includes an Arcade Mode that is a port of the arcade version with all six stages, two-player co-op. English mode that offers English support for its menu and story. There’s also Arcade Mode+ that supports online rankings to compete for the top score.


Time Attack mode is where you get bonus items to aim for a high score. BGM Mode lets you choose from three styles of Arcade, Classic, and Arrange (Remix). There’s also an option that allows you to switch between horizontal and vertical screens. Lastly, we get a look at some additional characters, including a collaboration with the shooter Tatsujin.


The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix Special releases in Japan on November 29, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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