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The Good Life Delayed Until Spring 2020




People will need to wait a bit longer to experience The Good Life. Instead of arriving in Q4 2019, it now has a Spring 2020 release window. The new window was provided as part of a Kickstarter update that offered new insights into and both screenshots and footage of things people will be able to do in the game.


In the update, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro went over what has changed and why the game was delayed. The goal is to provide a game that is as high of a quality as possible. It was delayed to ensure it is “in the best condition possible.” Examples of the changes were shown in a clip and descriptions going over what can be done now.


Many of the changes have to do with appearances. Character models look better, backgrounds are more detailed, there are more shops, the Rainy Woods church has been added, areas will look different at different times of day, and the map is larger in The Good Life. However, the gameplay has changed a lot too. When going through Naomi’s daily life, you’ll have to manage her hunger, stamina, and “beauty care.” You’ll also be able to have her eat and make things. The photography element is now a tags-based minigame. Gardening, with different crops, will be available. The Cat’s Eye skill will help you discover things like scratches, while the dog can fight animals or memorize scents and use that to discover important clues or things.


Here is the comparison video showing the old version of The Good Life compared to the new version.


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The Good Life will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It made ¥81,030,744 (~$744,186) from 12,613 backers.

Jenni Lada
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