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The Good Life Shows Off Sheep-Riding and Strolling Around as Animals

The Good Life

SWERY and White Owls The Good Life got a highlight today showing off a slight amount of footage, officially confirming that the game will release in 2020 on Nintendo Switch as well. Gameplay shown off includes last month’s announced sheep-riding feature which acts as a quicker way to get around, as well as a first look at playing in dog or cat form in action.

As previously mentioned, The Good Life is something of a slow life mystery game where the main goal is to take photos as part of assignments in the sleepy village of Rainy Woods, in order to repay the debt of our heroine, Naomi. Along the way, she’ll also get a chance to figure out some strange happenings around town, such as a murder that happens after she moves in. But strangest of all is the fact that once every month, the villagers of Rainy Woods will all transform into dogs and cats for some inexplicable reason, including Naomi herself now that she lives there.

Here’s a look at The Good Life below:

Here are a few more additional screenshots from Nintendo’s official page for the game:

The Good Life will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2020, with the Nintendo Switch version coming ‘in 2020’.

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