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The Good Life Will Let You Race Around Riding Sheep

The Good Life sheep riding

Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro and the team at White Owls have released more information on The Good Life‘s game development process via their monthly Kickstarter update. The themes for this update are sheep and cameras!

A recap on what The Good Life‘s all about–American reporter Naomi moved to a countryside town named Rainy Woods in order to take photos to repay her debt, but she soon discovers that the residents of the town turn into cats and dogs at night once a month. The story revolves around Naomi finding out more about this curious happening, but gameplay-wise, you’ll be spending most of your time taking photos to pay off your debt. There’s also an open world, slow life element to the game that is influenced by its rural countryside setting.

One of the activities Naomi will be able to do while roaming the countryside hills of Rainy Woods in The Good Life is take rides on sheep. According to the update, players will be able to freely ride them around the fields, and there are even plans for a sheep-racing minigame.

The Good Life camera focus

The Good Life camera focus

The other focus of the February update is on the game’s primary feature, photography. White Owls have improved upon this in February by adding in depth of field, which means objects will realistically look sharp or blurry depending on the focus of the photo. Crouching while taking photos has also been added to give players a different angle to shoot from.

Finally, White Owls ended with an announcement that the game will be showcased on The MIX San Francisco 2020’s indie showcase livestream, which has been confirmed to continue despite the postponement of GDC 2020 to Summer 2020.

The Good Life will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2020. It made ¥81,030,744 (~$744,186) from 12,613 backers. January 2020’s update focused on new lighting effects in the game, and you can check out more screenshots of the game-in-development here.

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