The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Lady Kim Kaphwan

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Kicks It Up With New Fighter Lady Kim Kaphwan

Netmarble released a new fighter for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR with Lady Kim Kaphwan, the Taekwondo master’s female version.

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Check out the announcement trailer for Lady Kim Kaphwan below:

In the Japanese version of the game, her name is simply “Pretty Kim” and she’s voiced by Ayaka Ohashi. While Kim may have had his gender changed by Stein, Lady Kim still has all the Taekwondo skills. In the video, we get to see a bunch of Kim’s iconic moves including his trademark sweat-wipe.

Lady Kim Kaphwan is now available as a 5★ fighter and a 5★ special card “Falling Phoenix Kick <Lady Kim Kaphwan>”.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Lady Kim Kaphwan

Now that we have female Kim Kaphwan, she joins the likes of several other genderbent characters in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR. In addition to Lady Billy Kane, Lady Chang Koehan, and Lady Yashiro pictured above, there’s Lady Mr. Big, Lady Zero (Clone), and Lady Zero (Original).

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is currently available for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. In case you missed it, the game had one of the wackiest collaborations in recent history that saw the addition of pro wrestling superstar John Cena and more in a WWE crossover event. You can also read more about the ongoing Ruby Refund event in our previous report.

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