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Go for Broke During King of Fighters ALLSTAR’s Ruby Refund Event

If you’ve been playing The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, you’ve probably spent a few thousand rubies on pulls. Even if you haven’t spent a dime of real money, ALLSTAR has been running since October 2019, and that’s plenty of time to rack up free currency. Either way, SNK and Netmarble kicked off the King of Fighters ALLSTAR Ruby Refund event, and it’s a doozy. Based on your ruby spending to date, you get a lump sum of limited-use rubies. (There’s a cap of 20,000.) But the festivities don’t end there.

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By limited-use rubies, we mean these ones come with a deadline. When you get your King of Fighters ALLSTAR ruby refund, you have until July 22, 2020 to use them. If you have normal rubies, the temporary ones will be used first for any purchases. If you’re new, don’t fret–the minimum payout is still 10,000 rubies. But if you’ve spent at least 20,000 before the May 27 cutoff point, you get the full refund.

In addition to the refund, there’s also a set of daily tasks for the duration of the event, which will last for roughly 20 days. Each task comes with ruby rewards, and a daily login bonus will also net an additional 10,000 limited-time rubies if you show up at least seven days.

Basically, if you’ve been needing specific fighters or battle cards to bolster your roster but hesitate to spend rubies between big events, now’s the time. These bonus rubies have an expiration date, so don’t feel bad for blowing them. That’s the whole point!

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is currently available for compatible iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

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