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The New Nier Game Will Bring Back Characters From The First Game



Square Enix revealed during their E3 2015 press conference that they’re working on a new Nier game with Taro Yoko as the director and PlatinumGames. Taro Yoko had more to share in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima]

In the interview, Famitsu asks the director if the new Nier game is connected to the world of the previous game.

“The setting is connected, but it doesn’t mean that it is connected story-wise,” says Yoko. “The game takes place in the future from the first game, so it’ll be okay to start playing with this title. Actually, those who played the previous game might play this one and get confused thinking it’s a sequel.”

Next, Famitsu asks whether we’ll see characters from the previous Nier.

“Not everyone will make an appearance, but some of them will,” he responds. “However, they won’t appear as the main characters.”

Finally, they ask what the game’s CERO rating will be.

“The previous game was made with a B or C rating (ages 12 and up for B, 15 and up C) in mind, but it ended up being a D rating (ages 17 and up),” says Yoko. “We’re developing this one with hope of making all ages, but who knows.”

The report also adds that the new Nier game’s action will be focused around fighting with weapons, but there will also be some shooting elements that may be familiar to fans.

Similar to the previous Nier game, there will be some sort of New Game+ elements, but it will be different from what we had in Nier. There will also be weapon stories as seen in the Drakengard series.

The new Nier title is in development for PlayStation 4, and is currently 10% complete.

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