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The One Piece: World Seeker Karma System Gives Luffy More To Do


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One Piece: World Seeker may strike some as a rather solitary adventure. After all, you only have control of one member of the Straw Hat Pirates: Monkey D. Luffy. You can’t go around and pull in friends for assists. Prison Island is relatively large, and people are in the wind shortly thereafter. Fortunately, its Karma System works to alleviate that loneliness while also providing more excuses to explore and take breaks from the main storyline.


Luffy will interact with a number of new and returning characters in One Piece: World Seeker. After you’ve busted Franky out of prison, you’ll start getting the option to participate in the sidequests the Karma system offers. In turn, more of these missions appear as you complete Karma quests for certain groups or move through the story. These give you a chance to go through missions and scenes that highlight characters’ personalities. Aside from Luffy’s pirate rank going up and getting the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished these extra goals, they are mainly there as a means to learn more about people, get more SP, acquire plans, and obtain general rewards that could give you more options as you play.


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Sometimes, there are One Piece: World Seeker missions that are For example, one group in the Karma system is the Straw Hat Pirates. (They are all lumped together.) One of the missions there is called “The Lost Swordsman.” Zoro is known for his terrible sense of direction and is wandering around Prison Island, even though people gave him the correct directions. Since he has medicine Chopper needs, it falls to Luffy to go after him. Instead of just going to Amber Harbor, where the Thousand Sunny is, you have to go to places like Topaz Town, then Ruby Village, and talk to people who had seen him to suss out where he really is.


Some missions, groups the Pro-Navy supporters or a side character like Trafalgar Law, are a little more generic. In the case of Pro-Navy, you only have six tasks total to accomplish to max out the Karma there and see their side missions. One of the goals is to beat 125 pirates, which is something that could very likely happen without even realizing it during a normal One Piece: World Seeker playthrough. Getting a 10 second Gum Gum Rocket is another task that is definitely doable. It’s the other four missions, called “Nostalgic Place,” “Consideration,” “True Treasure,” and “Divided We Stand” that provide extra insight into the people who are against the pirates, are fine with Jewel Island being Prison Island and support the Navy. Meanwhile, Law’s Karma missions result in a rather great payoff: “Mystery of the Sky Islands.” This mission only shows up after you take out certain numbers of Navy Leaders and Pacifistas, as well as maybe perform a Takedown on Smoker. Once you get it, you get access to new places.


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It can be really enjoyable and satisfying when two characters’ Karma influence one another, meaning you can work on both to build them up and get to see storylines play out and Luffy interact with people really important to him. The Karma for both Sabo and Kizaru do this. If you want to eventually see Luffy and Sabo eventually solidify their bond as brothers with a side mission (and get you 400 SP and plans for a Victory Badge), you’ll need to perform Takedowns 30 times, mark 70 enemies, defeat different numbers of CP Agents, and attack Kizaru with Gum Gum Eagle Storm, Gum Gum Elephant Gatling Gun, and Gum Gum Red Hawk. This means you’ll also need to defeat certain numbers of sailors (like 100, 250, and 500), seven robots, and 10 Pacifistas to get Kizaru’s “Secret in the Mine” mission where you can fight him and take out members of the Navy.


One Piece: World Seeker‘s Karma System is handled very well. It clearly lets you see which missions are available and objectives you can complete to raise Luffy’s awareness and reputation with people. Going through it helps give people who aren’t Luffy a chance to appear, while also letting us see fun story segments and get rewards. Prison Island is rather large and having all of these extra tasks may make people want to explore more.


One Piece: World Seeker is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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