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Live-Action The Promised Neverland Series Coming via Amazon

The Promised Neverland Amazon series has been announced; a team led by Masi Oka (Heroes, Death Note) and Rodney Rothman (Enter the Spider-Verse) will bring Shonen Jump’s recent anime hit to the realm of live-action. The production studio behind the series will be Vertigo Entertainment, and Meghan Malloy (also from Enter the Spider-Verse) will write the pilot. Roy Lee and Miri Yoon will also serve as executive producers alongside Oka and Rothman. [Thanks, Deadline!)

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Oka, who is likely best known for his role as Hiro Nakamura in Heroes, seems to be on a mission to bring Japanese properties to Hollywood. He was a producer for the (ill-received) Death Note adaptation produced by Netflix. He also has a series in the works for CBS called Repeat, which is based on a novel by Kurumi Inui. Repeat was adapted into live-action TV series in both Japan and Korea, respectively titled Wheel of Fortune and 365: Repeat the Year.

Kurumi Inui also happens to be the mangaka for The Promised Neverland. This series, which is a sort of genre hybrid between Death Note-like cerebral combat and cosmic horror has been running in Weekly Shonen Jump since late 2016. CloverWorks (Persona 5: The AnimationDarling in the Franxx) produced a popular anime in 2019, which has a second season planned for 2021.

The Promised Neverland Amazon live-action series is in development.

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