The Sega Shiro Saga Continues With a Shocking Twist for Segata Sanshiro’s Son

Sega Shiro and Segata Hatan Shiro

Sega celebrated its 60th anniversary today with the release of the Sega Shiro saga’s third video. In the video, we see young Sega Shiro go through a series of emotions during his fated encounter against the Sega-hating Sega Hatan Shiro, who wants the company to go bankrupt.


Sega Hatan Shiro: “Go bankrupt, Sega!”

Sega Shiro: “I will protect Sega!”

After a sluggish start, Sega Shiro remembers his father to gain strength and turn the tables on the Sega-hater. He manages to flip Sega Hatan Shiro over with a sweet counter move for the decisive win. However, after his victory, Sega Shiro sees the mask that Sega Hatan Shiro was wearing on the ground. He turns around to see the true identity of Sega Hatan Shiro standing behind him.

???: “You’ve grown.”

Sega Shiro and Segata Hatan Shiro

Sega Shiro: “Father!”

Sega Shiro and Segata Sanshiro

Segata Sanshiro: “I wanted to see how you’ve grown. You can now protect Sega.”

Sega Shiro and Segata Sanshiro

Segata Sanshiro: “Now, you must forget all about me.”

Sega Shiro: “Father…”

Segata Sanshiro: “I am the symbol of Sega from a long time ago.”

Sega Shiro: “Father…”

Segata Sanshiro: “Sega not only works on games now, but also various works of entertainment content.

Sega Shiro: “Father!”

Segata Sanshiro: “From now on, you must protect the new Sega!”

Sega Shiro: “Father!”

Sega Shiro and Segata Sanshiro

Segata Sanshiro: “You must surpass me, Sega Shiro! Now send me flying!”


Sega Shiro: “Father!”

Segata Sanshiro: “Do it now!”

Sega Shiro: “Fatheeeer!!!”

Sega Shiro sends his father Segata Sanshiro flying into outer space and manages to even hit the planet Saturn.

Sega Shiro Sega Shiro

However, Sega Shiro wakes up to his classmates laughing at him for yelling “Father!” in his sleep.

Yes, unfortunately, it was all a dream.

… or was it?

Sega wa Makaseta

“I’m entrusting you with Sega”

Sega was first founded on June 3, 1960. In case you missed it,  watch the first part of the Sega Shiro saga here and the second part here. You can also check our previous report for an interview with Sega Shiro and Sega CEO Haruki Satomi.

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