Sega Shiro Must Follow His Father Segata Sanshiro’s Footsteps and Protect Sega from ‘Bankruptcy’

Sega Shiro father Segata Sanshiro 60th anniversary

Sega’s 60th anniversary ambassador Sega Shiro’s actor Maito Fujioka isn’t only the son of Segata Sanshiro actor Hiroshi Fujioka, but the character himself is actually the son of the Sega Saturn mascot in the same universe.

Check out the latest Sega Shiro video below to learn more about his secret:

Girl 1: “Sega Shiro, is that a Switch?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Game Gear – released in 1990)”

Girl 2: “Are those sunglasses?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Sega 3-D Glasses – released in 1987)”

Girl 3: “Is that a backpack?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Sega Saturn – released in 1994)

Girl 4: “What is it that you’re always wearing?”

(Enter flashback scene)

Segata Sanshiro: “Sega Shiro!”

Sega Shiro: “Father…”

Segata Sanshiro: “Bring it! Stronger! Master your Sega!”

Sega Shiro: “Sega! Sega! Sega!”

Segata Sanshiro: “See you.”

(Segata Sanshiro blows up, exit flashback)

Sega Shiro: “Father!!!”

Girl 4: “Look over there!”

???: “Sega is so outdated!”

Sega Shiro: “You asshole!”

Sega Hatan Shiro: “Go bankrupt! Go bankrupt! Go bankrupt, Sega!!!” (Similar to the Sega Shiro name explained here, “Sega Hatan Shiro” is a play on word that basically means “Go bankrupt, Sega”. He’s basically the perfect villain.)

Sega Shiro: “Father, I will protect Sega!”

We’re not sure if Sega Shiro has what it takes to protect Sega from bankruptcy, but let’s hope that all the Sega-mastering techniques help him out in the next video.

Sega was first founded on June 3, 1960. In case you missed it, Sega also wants to hear thoughts from fans as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations.

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