The YS Chronicles 1 Remake Is Heading To Smartphones And Tablets



DotEmu is bringing the PSP and PC version of Japanese action-RPG Ys Chronicles 1 to iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets.


It will be titled ” Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen,” as with the original. You can see a cinematic teaser that announces it above. Unfortunately, no specific details as to how the game will play on touchscreens have been given yet.


We do know, however, that the storyline and progression will be the same as in previous versions of the game. So, yes, you’ll be following Adol Christin as he attempts to free the kingdom of Estria from the demons that have besieged its cities. You’ll be looking to find the six sacred Books of Ys to gain the necessary knowledge to complete Christin’s mission. Naturally, this being an RPG, you’ll also set out to acquire the experience, weaponry, and artifacts to become a powerful knight.


Ys Chronicles 1 will be available on smartphones “soon”.

Chris Priestman