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Thimbleweed Park, Adventure Game From Monkey Island Creator, Offers Option To Remove ‘Annoying In-Jokes’



Thimbleweed Park, the new, ridiculous adventure game from Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge) and Gary Winnick (Maniac Mansion), now offers a tab that will remove all of the “annoying in-jokes” that reference Lucasarts and many past adventure games, letting players enjoy the game even if they don’t care about classic adventure games.




Thimbleweed Park will have players working to solve a murder in a small city of weirdoes and oddballs. To do so, they’ll take on the roles of five different characters, including foul-mouthed clowns and budding game programmers, all across the town and story, viewing events from their perspective and solving silly item-based puzzles to progress, using a system that is highly reminiscent of old adventure games.


The developers have gone out of their way to add puns, jokes, and absurd situations into the game, with situations and characters always being played up to make the player crack up. However, not all modern players may get the references to old adventure games that were sprinkled throughout Thimbleweed Park, and so the developer has added an option to remove them. The developer also has a toggle for how toilet paper is placed throughout the game world, so this addition may not be for entirely serious reasons.




Thimbleweed Park is available now on Steam, Xbox One, GOG, Humble Store, and the Mac App Store. It will be coming to iOS and Android sometime in the future.

Alistair Wong
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