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This Week In Imports: Gleamlight Brings a Ray of Hope Into a Quiet Week


This week may be a quiet one for Japan in terms of game releases, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some highlights mixed in. Gleamlight, a Metroidvania with a stained glass art aesthetic, is one such example. In this game, you move and explore the world of Gleam—a world that has been organically designed so that you can find your way around to new areas without any help from the game’s very minimalist UI. There’s also no story in the main game to speak of, and it’s up to players to discover more about this world and its history. The game is developed by Dico, and published by D3 Publisher.

Apart from Gleamlight, a new RPG creation tool is being released this week with RPG Maker MZ. Like the previous version RPG Maker MV, you can develop RPGs to work with smartphone touchscreens as one of the software’s defining features. Apart from this, the default assets and map creation features have also gotten bolstered for the new entry.

The following are this week’s Japanese imports.

Nintendo Switch

Cupid Parasite (+ eShop version)

Cupid Parasite Limited Edition

Fight Crab (+ eShop version)

eShop Only (Switch)


Kwaidan: Azuma Manor Story

Kawaii Desu Desu

Cross Channel: for all people

PS Store Only (PS4)


Microsoft Store Only (Xbox One)


PC & Steam


RPG Maker MZ

Ogre Tale


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