There are several heroes that are beginner-friendly and we've compiled a list of the best Overwatch 2 characters for newcomers to try out.
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Overwatch 2 Heroes to Try if You’re Just Getting Started

Two from each role!

While Overwatch 2 is still under a year old, it’s very much a continuation of the original game that launched back in 2016. As a result, it can be intimidating for new players to get into Overwatch 2, since they have to make sense of a roster of over 30 characters while going up against players who have potentially been playing the game for seven years. Thankfully, there are several heroes that are beginners friendly and we’ve compiled a guide to the best Overwatch 2 ones to try out.

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best overwatch 2 characters for beginners

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Soldier 76

If you’ve ever played a shooter like Halo or Call of Duty, then Soldier 76 will feel familiar. He has a gun, self-healing, mini rockets, and an ultimate that allows you to lock onto enemies. Add in his sprint ability and you have a character that’s good in most situations and great for beginners who are still getting a sense for the flow of Overwatch 2. Plus he’s got a ton of great skins.


Edgy. Dark. Brooding. Great for beginners! That’s the whole deal with the hero Reaper in Overwatch 2. His dual shotguns work well up close and you’ll want to be in the thick of the action.  With every piece of damage you do, you activate Reaper’s life steal ability which heals you slightly and rewards you for being in the frontline. Also, Reaper has a fade ability that lets him retreat without taking damage which is another nice aspect of his kit. He’s great for beginners who want to dive head-first into the fray, while not getting completely eviscerated.


Moira attac! Moira protec! Moira is a great choice for beginners. She has high healing output with her Biotic Orb and Biotic Grasp, while also being a formidable offensive healer. Her damage orb and lock-on damage make her a great choice for 1v1 fights and for finishing off other supports and DPS characters. Her ultimate allows her to stay in the backline and does damage to enemies while healing allies. If that wasn’t enough, Moira has a quick fade ability that lets her reposition quickly, making her great for beginners. She’s not the most exciting healer but you got to start somewhere.

Image via Blizzard

Image via Blizzard


One button to heal. One button to boost damage. Stand. Heal. Boost. That’s generally the start for Mercy players. In terms of getting a sense of the game, Mercy’s base playstyle allows you to hold back a bit and feel like a part of the action, without having to rely too heavily on mechanics and quick decision-making. The great thing about her kit is that her ultimate flips the script, as it gives her boosted flight and speed that entices players to pull out their blaster and take on low-health enemies or finish off tanks. Once you get more comfortable with Mercy there’s a high skill ceiling involved in her movement abilities and the decision on when to heal, when to boost damage, and when to resurrect allies. 

Image via Blizzard

Image via Blizzard


Orisa never stops shooting, she has an ability that eats incoming damage for a couple of seconds, and she possesses a super fun lance that she can use to throw and stun enemies. In short, there’s a lot to like about Orisa. She does well to stay alive and also is able to isolate and eliminate squishier enemies while countering other tanks. Her ultimate is very close range and a little on the weaker side, but the character does well enough to stay alive and impactful to make her a stable choice for new Overwatch 2 players. 

Image via Blizzard

Image via Blizzard


He’s fun, ok? While the other characters on the list are here because they have simple abilities and are able to stay alive and sustain for long periods, Reinhardt is worth trying because he’s super fun. As a huge German man with a hammer and a shield, you’ll feel an insatiable desire to charge into the fight. Don’t fight it. While charging in isn’t recommended at high levels, it’s generally fun and effective for beginners. Also, his ultimate slams enemies in front of him to the ground, allowing you to swing your hammer and use your fire strike. REINHARDT, REINHARDT, REINHARDT!!

Who do you think is the most beginner-friendly character in Overwatch 2 and, more importantly, which one of the heroes is your go-to?

Overwatch 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC.

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