Nintendo Switch

Touhou Project Fangames Distribution Platform Play,Doujin! Expands To Nintendo Switch



Project Play,Doujin! started out as a collaboration between Zun’s Touhou Project and PlayStation, but the fangames distribution platform will be expanding with the addition of the Nintendo Switch, Mediascape announced.


Starting with the 3D shoot ‘em up fighter Touhou Kobuto V developed by Cubetype from publisher NIS America, the Play,Doujin! distribution project will bring more titles including Touhou Project fangames to the Nintendo Switch, with support from Touhou Project creator Zun.


The expansion won’t be limited to Japan, as the Play,Doujin! project aims to bring more Touhou Project fangames to Switch and other platforms in North America and Europe as well.


More information on new titles from Play,Doujin! will be revealed later.

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