Trails Of Cold Steel II PC Patch 1.2 Adds An HD Font Option And Improves Loading Speed




Xseed Games has released patch 1.2 for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II. While there are the typical bug fixes here, with memory allocation ordering issues fixing some crashes and ARCUS textures properly appearing, there are a number of major improvements and new features in this update. Loading speeds have been optimized, frame limiter options for 120FPS and 240FPS have been added and there are two new experimental options.


The load time reductions in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II are due to a new caching scheme. This means it will take less time to go from one map to another in-game, after patch 1.2 is applied. A Durante7 video shows the difference with the patch applied.



The two experimental options for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II are an HD font and larger cache. To enable them, people must use command line options HD font makes a new resolution of the font available, with four times the default font resolution designed. The larger cache option makes the cache larger and is designed to work with the adjustments introduced with patch 1.2 to decrease load times.


Here is the list of full patch notes, taken from the Steam announcement.


Complete Patch Notes for Version 1.2

  • Various optimizations to loading speed and caching.
  • Fix memory allocation ordering issues, eliminating some types of crashes occuring on some sytems.
  • Permanently cache battle UI images to improve battle loading speed and prevent some rendering issues.
  • Correctly apply English localized textures for ARCUS covers when playing the English version.
  • Reduce Z-fighting on support character cut-ins during Divine Knight battles.
  • Fix flickering and shadow issues in Sachsen Iron Mine map.
  • Eliminate visible texture seams at some resolutions on title screen and some shop screen tabs.
  • Fix aspect ratio of cockpit cutins when playing in ultra widescreen.
  • Pillar box shop menus when playing in ultra widescreen.
  • Added 120 FPS and 240 FPS frame limiter options.
  • Added experimental HD font option.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PC.

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